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Junior Achievement Kenya is the country's largest and fastest growing non-profit organization with a mission of inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. We do this by providing key hands on experiential programs that equip the youth with these skills to succeed in work and life.


Equips students through programs that teach the skills that are required to run a viable startup and spark the entreprenuerial spirit.

Financial Literacy

Students learn financial independence, investing, home ownership and retirement planning through hands-on, real world training.

Work Readiness

Students gain meaningful skill building that enable them to find meaningful productive careers.



JA Company Program helps young people appreciate and better understand the role of business in our society.With the support and guidance of volunteer constultants from the local business community, JA Company Program provides basic economic education for high school students.By organizing and operating an actual business entreprise ,students not only learn how businesses function, but they also learn about the structure of free entreprise system and benefits it provides.
JA Company Program is a 15-week course and is recommended for High School students.This program is designed to inspire and nurture entrepreneurship skills, financial skills and work readinss skills amongst the youth.The program also augments scholl-based, work-based and connecting activities for communities with school-to-work initiatives.
This is a week where students have an opportunity to have a 'hands-on experience of their future careers' .Students experience a 'working day' where they shadow an employee within a private sector company for the whole day, asking questions, learning about the shadow partners career and the organization in general.
Job shadow creates a critical link between education and the workplace and inspires the students to want to be successful in work and life.Our goal is to inspire the students to work hard so as to fulfill their dreams.The students have a real experience of the importance of education so as to get them to their future careers as the shadow partners they have for the day.
Our common goal is to bring up a high caliber of future professionals who are motivated and understand the relevance of education in their future careers.
JA Company Program for Tertiary is aimed at Post-Secondary School training for young people who did not get a chance to engage in JA Programs in Secondary School or did not even get a chance to go to Secondary School. The Program is structured a six (6) week entrepreneurship and financial literacy training that provides a basis for creativity and innovation and enable students to try their ideas in practice as they go through the program.Within the course of the Program, student set up self-funded (through table banking savings) financially feasible and viable businesses. The students operate the business in the market place, guided by JA Facilitators, to into practice the working life skills, business planning skills, financial management skills learnt in training in growing and these businesses and making them sustainable.
Interested in the Program? Register here and we will connect you to a class nearest to you.


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