Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.


Be the partner of choice for business, education, and policy makers around the globe seeking to expand youth education and economic development.


Belief in the boundless potential of young people. Commitment to the principles of economics and entrepreneurship. Passion for what we do and honesty, integrity, and excellence in how we do it. Respect for the talent, creativity, perspectives, and backgrounds of all individuals. Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration. Conviction in the educational and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on learning.

Our Pillars

Junior Achievement Kenya programs teach critical work skills that prepare young people for college, trade school, or the workforce.


Work Readiness

JA volunteer-led work-readiness programs teach critical work skills that prepare young people for college, trade school, or the workforce. Whether job shadowing skilled mentors, testing their skills through digital experiences, or developing business solutions during technical and business challenges, JA students are prepared to activate the future of jobs.


Financial Literacy

JA hands-on, role-playing financial-literacy programs expose young people to smart saving and investing, thoughtful spending and credit, the role of taxes, the value of employment and community involvement, and the opportunities of global trade.



JA students create real companies with real products, working as a team on product development, small-business finance, product marketing, and equity valuation as they launch their entrepreneurial careers.

JA Global Presence

Our Latest Videos

“We Are JA” Video

The “We Are JA” video introduces audiences to JA while also acknowledging the names of each JA member location, using local notation and spelling. English subtitles are available for the video, and many JA locations have added their own subtitles.

“This Is JA” Video

“This Is JA” serves as an introduction to our work, and we need your help in making it even more useful to the entire JA network. As with the “We Are JA” video, this video has been translated into numerous languages.

“Combating Poverty” Video

We’ve created a short video focusing on JA work to combat global poverty and profoundly impact the livelihood of young people by teaching entrepreneurship and work-readiness skills. Watch it here, or download it from Vimeo.

“Women in the Middle East” Video

When you think of a young woman in the Middle East, what comes to mind? Thanks to INJAZ Al-Arab—JA in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)—the picture that emerges is one of an entrepreneur, a CEO, a visionary, a leader. INJAZ is building skill sets and changing mindsets, enabling girls to recognize early on that they can exceed expectations. With this video, celebrate girls in MENA with JA Worldwide and INJAZ as they chart their own futures in whatever career path they choose. You can also download it directly from Dropbox or Vimeo.


JA Global Presence

In 2019, JA Worldwide celebrated our organization’s Centennial through events and campaigns. We also shared historical photos and an infographic depicting important milestone throughout our organization’s 100-year history. In case it’s still valuable for you, here is some of the Centennial collateral:-



Recognize important historical events throughout JA 100 year history. Promote JA centennial year with fun historical facts. Underscore the value of JA programs around the world. Increase visibility of the JA history infographic.


Campaign Collateral

An infographic depicting important moments throughout JA 100y ear history .Thirteen images (six photographs and seven graphics) to share on social media.


Junior Achievement (JA) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy, with 300,000 volunteers working with over ten million youth across 125 countries. Junior Achievement provides age appropriate, experiential and ..Read More

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